The fight isn’t over

We’re continuing to work to reduce the Property Transfer Tax
In 2016, BC Premier Christy Clark vowed to make homes more affordable. At the same time, she introduced a series of changes to the Property Transfer Tax (PTT), including:

  • a 3% PTT on the value of property exceeding $2 million; and
  • an additional 15% tax for foreign buyers of residential real estate in Metro Vancouver. (In March 2017, foreign nationals with work permits living in Metro Vancouver and paying taxes were exempted from this tax).

Since then the premier has also brought in:

  • a PTT exemption for first-time buyers of newly-constructed homes valued up to $750,000; and
  • an exemption to the additional 15% for foreign buyers with work permits.

While these exemptions, help, they don’t go far enough. In 2016/17, the PTT will generate $2 billion in revenue.  Of this, the government has:

Meanwhile the real estate and construction sectors are key economic drivers in the province, generating 37.2% of provincial GDP.

Pie chart with title and source August 2016Locally home sales help drive our economy and create much-needed jobs in our neighbourhoods.

Home buyers hire appraisers, inspectors, movers and landscapers – and this workforce, in turn, buys homes and furniture, fixtures, flooring and appliances.

Home sales mean that our neighbours have work and can support their families.

In 2016, 39,943 homes changed ownership in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s area, generating $2.5 billion in economic spin-off activity and an estimated 17,600 jobs. The total dollar value of residential sales transacted through the MLS® system in Greater Vancouver totalled $40 billion in 2016.


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