BC NDP Housing Platform


Market housing

  • Provide a tax credit of up to $20,000 to create rental basement suites.
  • Establish a multi-agency task force to fight tax fraud and money laundering in the real estate marketplace.
  • Keep 15% Foreign Buyers Tax in Metro Vancouver.
  • Implement a two per cent absentee speculators’ tax and direct revenue into a Housing Affordability Fund to support housing affordability initiatives province-wide.

 Market and rental housing

  • Build, directly and through partnerships, 114,000 rental, social, co-op and owner purchase homes over 10 years. Homes will be a mix of housing for students, singles, seniors, and families. In urban and suburban centers, will build affordable housing near transit hubs.
  • Use public land to build affordable housing.

 Rental housing

  • Provide a renter’s rebate of $400 dollars per rental household in BC each year.
  • End the fixed term lease loophole and ensure controls on rent increases are enforced.
  • Pass legislation requiring fair treatment during renovations and demolitions of rental properties.
  • Tighten rules protecting good landlords and tenants.
  • Provide resources so the Residential Tenancy Branch can resolve disputes fairly and quickly.
  • Tax short-stay home rentals that take properties out of the rental pool.
  • Reinvest and support co-op housing.
  • Allow municipalities to zone areas where only rental buildings can be built.

This is your opportunity to vote for candidates who understand the importance of real estate in creating jobs, spin-offs and vibrant communities.

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